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  • How Tenant can pay rent?
    Rent can be paid by e-transfer, cheque or by cash. You can also set pre-authorized payment to pay your rent on time.
  • Is the Security Deposit Refundable?
    Your landloard can keep security deposit if you leave damaged unit or break the lease terms. Generally, security deposit is refundable for maintaining the original condition.
  • How much notice does a Tenant have to give to vocate the property?
    Tenant is bound to lease term as mentioned in the agreement. If Tenant choose to extend the lease, Tenant should provide written request 60 days prior to lease completion.
  • What will be eligibility criteria for renting property?
    We will evaluate your credit report, verify your job letter and check personal and proffesional references. We might ask for additional documents.
  • What to do if any issue/damage to the property happens?
    You should call MaxCare Properties and leave the detailed message. You will get call back at the earliest possible.l
  • What to do if property damage is due to my negligence?
    You must call/report to us. Please dont try to fix it yourself. We will send professional to fix it. However you will be responsible for the lost


It was a fantastic experience working with MaxCare Properties Management. I have been searching for months to rent my house, All the aspects were handled in a professional way, and I don’t have to worry about finding rentals. We have had a great experience with team, who had rented the property within a month.
-James Keen

I would like to say Thank you to MaxCare properties for their excellent service, I never have to worry about for not paying rent and take care of the property. Before hiring property manager, we have had bad experience with renters not paying for rent and they were damaging my property. But now, If there will be problem, they take care of it with accuracy and speed. Thank you so much for being and excellent property manager.
-Paula Dunn

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