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To get start with MaxCare properties you need to use the quote form, fill out and click on send button to ask your questions.  Our office will contact you to answer your queries and will send you the property management agreement. Before we start, you need to sign the contract and we can follow the next step to start the process. We are managing properties more than 6 years and providing best services to our clients.

Property Management Agreement:

MaxCare Properties will send you an Property Management agreement, is a contract between you and our company through e-mail. You have to sign the agreement which will give us permission to manage your property on your behalf ,find a Tenant and  sign lease for your property.

If you already have been a Tenant and handling your property  by yourself but now you want us to take a control, we will send to your Tenant a introduction letter by email or mail them a hard copy and will start receiving monthly payments from the date you want us to. 

If your property is under other property management company then you have to send them a termination contract letter 30 days before you want to give us a control. Termination notice time depends company to company. We can take control of your property from them to transfer all records and keys after your termination with the current property management company. 

In both conditions, if you have been your Tenant or had been contract with different company, after taking control we will send our inspection team to notify you that your property needs any maintenance or repair required.


It was a fantastic experience working with MaxCare Properties Management. I have been searching for months to rent my house, All the aspects were handled in a professional way, and I don’t have to worry about finding rentals. We have had a great experience with team, who had rented the property within a month.
-James Keen

I would like to say Thank you to MaxCare properties for their excellent service, I never have to worry about for not paying rent and take care of the property. Before hiring property manager, we have had bad experience with renters not paying for rent and they were damaging my property. But now, If there will be problem, they take care of it with accuracy and speed. Thank you so much for being and excellent property manager.
-Paula Dunn

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