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Rental Application Forms & Process

You need to follow the provided instructions to process your application within 48 hours. Processing could be delayed because of the incomplete application and you can miss your dream property, so don't miss it and follow the complete instructions.                                                                                                                                                                                      

You need to fill out all the the paperwork and MaxCare Properties will send it to Landlord who will decide who will be the Tenant. To qualify, you need to complete all application requirements.

MaxCare Properties will help you to complete your complete your application and to submit it to the landlord. We can contact you if they required additional documents.                      

Each and every applicant and LandLord is different so application processing time varies. Processing time also depends on the time you take to submit all the required and additional documents and the time Landlord takes to review it. We will try our best to process as quick as possible. Once you have been approved, you need to sign lease in the given time period.

Required Documents for Application:

You need to fill out, signed, dated the application with your personal information ex. phone number, address, email and mention N/A where applicable.

  • Ontario ID Proof: Driver’s License                                        

  • PDF File of your full credit report                                         

  • For income Verification: Recent Paystubs           


Additional Documents:

  • Introduction Letter of your and your family

  • For income Verification: Last 2 Months Bank Statements 

  • Letter of Acceptance from employer

  • Co - Signer (if-applicable)

If you have any concern regarding application documents, please contact us or leave a detailed message, we will get back to you as quickly as possible.


It was a fantastic experience working with MaxCare Properties Management. I have been searching for months to rent my house, All the aspects were handled in a professional way, and I don’t have to worry about finding rentals. We have had a great experience with team, who had rented the property within a month.

-James Keen

I would like to say Thank you to MaxCare properties for their excellent service, I never have to worry about for not paying rent and take care of the property. Before hiring property manager, we have had bad experience with renters not paying for rent and they were damaging my property. But now, If there will be problem, they take care of it with accuracy and speed. Thank you so much for being and excellent property manager.

-Paula Dunn

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